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Z4 Cuvee LabelZ6 Cuvee

Yes, part of the Poet's Choice Series of desert wines, ruby ports to be exact, the Z4 cuvee doesn't exactly sport an Irish writer/poet's name. I don't know of any Irishman with a last name starting with Z. Do you? But more importantly something different happened with my production of Zinfandel into a port-like desert wine. When the first vintage of Zinfandel port was a little over a year in the barrel and blending trials were taking place, the Zinfandel port was the ugly duckling. So not wanting to rush into our first Zinfandel port, I let that barrel carry on aging its contents. And in a flash another year went by—imagine that?

Then on the bench for the next round of blending trials, I had two vintages of Zinfandel port to taste and play with. And what a difference a year made on the first vintage; but what a big difference the two vintages blended together made over either one. So the Z2 cuvee was born but not without realizing my discovery. I held back one barrel of that blend as the Mother of all.

So then the rest is history as each year blending trials determine the extent to which the new vintage is blended with the Mother blend. The Z5 and now the Z6 is released. But I always reserve a barrel of the Mother with every vintage represented in its blend in safekeeping for the next and the next and the next vintage to be blended and given that number like the Z5 cuvee in lieu of a vintage.

The Zinfandel ruby ports are Sierra Foothill classics and ours delivers that rich jammy blackberry/raspberry fruit in a zippy lively mouthfull of richness with a little black pepper and clove spice nicely supported with wood of the oak.