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Wilde Soul labelWilde’s Soul of Man

One of our desert wines in the Poet's Choice Series is Wilde’s Soul of Man. As I began making port-style desert wines I knew I needed to discover what the different varieties of grapes that I grow could do. So I made a barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon, one of Cabernet Franc, one of Merlot, one of Syrah and one of Zinfandel by taking the fermenting wine from each of these separate fermentations and adding spirits of our distilled wine to stop their respective fermentations with about 7% natural grape sugar unfermented. That is what we know as port. Each wine was kept separate and aged in oak. After a year or more of barrel aging I began blending trials. Yes, those are those fun days where you taste each barrel and play around with blending ideas. And from that exercise the first Wilde’s Soul of Man wa


s created.

It was the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc that showed the most potential of working together, as one might expect with these Bordeaux varieties. And as ruby ports they are even more delicious. So the theme of the Wilde’s Soul of Man is the rich and smooth varieties that make up the world's most cherished wines. So with our rendition expect flavor profiles of cherries, dark black cherries, blackberries, cassis, chocolate and hint of blueberry cradled in a rich smooth mouth-feel with what you'd expect a good desert to hav


e—sweetness but not too much.