Having an Affair at Fitzpatrick’s


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There are four categories of costs that add up to the total cost of your function:          

1)Bed & Breakfast accommodations, 2)Facility Use Fee, 

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4)Barand occasionally there may be extra costs incurred reflecting your particular needs.

1) Bed & Breakfast accommodations: we do not allow functions here at the Lodge without the inclusion of booking all five B&B rooms. If the function (eg. Wedding) takes place on a weekend you must book all five rooms for two nights. Why? For our sake and yours, we can’t possibly turnover our rooms as early as you’ll want to check in the day of your wedding and you’ll thank us later for the extra time that family and friends get to spend together. The costs vary depending on which days of the week ( click on http://www.fitzpatrickwinery.com/lodge.html for exact prices). Exceptions to booking all 5 rooms may sometimes be possible only on weekdays.

2)Facility Use Fee: When you book all 5 rooms your party of 10 have no additional fees to use the facilities. However, when the numbers exceed the 10 B&B guests, we have a sliding scale fee schedule. Starting at $500 for up to 20 people, $1000 for up to 50 people indoors or out and $2000 for up to 100 outdoors. This facility use fee secures the date and is non refundable. Sometimes during the week we will make an exception to booking all 5 rooms and make the facility use fee 1/2 the costs of the 5 rooms for one weeknight (currently ~$275).

3)Catering: Our commercial kitchen is capable of providing all your food service needs from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Pricing must be customized to each function and reflect the economies of scale.

4)Bar: Our tasting room is licensed to serve Fitzpatrick wines and ports, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. You are charged for what your party consumes – no leftover inventory, no second guessing consumption. Occasionally extra charges may be incurred and we will discuss that with you in the planning of your function.


For example and financial planning purposes: a wedding party, booking all five B&B rooms,75 people for the wedding reception including dinner & bar will total from $5,500 – $8,000 here at Fitzpatrick’s. 

In planning your wedding here both Diana and Brian sit down with the couple and discuss all the details including menu possibilities. Once we have a plan you have no worries here and can focus your attention on your many other details.